Best California Employment Law Attorney Orange County

Best California Employment Law Attorney, Orange County

The best California employment law attorney is someone who sees you with his heart as well as his analytical mind.  Yes, sometimes the best California Employment Law Attorney takes it on the chin, but she doesn’t give up.  Even highly successful trial lawyers fail, but they always learn.

The Best California Employment Law Attorney Has More Than Technical Ability.

The best California employment law attorney is not only the best at knowing the law applicable to your case, but knowing you.  Yes, you, as a human being are the most important fact of the case.  The best California employment law attorney realizes you are the hero of your story, and she must tell your story convincingly.  You didn’t just become an employee one day.  You arrived at work, and eventually left work, as a fully rounded person with feelings, thoughts, and memories.  The best California employment law attorney is someone who spends time in your life to learn about you.  How can your story be told unless an strong empathic connection to you as a living, dreaming, hopeful, but wrongly injured employee becomes vividly real?  The best employment law attorney will spend the time to get acquainted with you as a person who not only works, but who has loved ones who depend on her, dreams to be fulfilled, disappointments to be overcome, gains to be celebrated, losses to be endured, injured pride to be restored, and a hope for a better future.

The Best California Employment Law Attorney Begins With Straight Talk for Employees.

The State Bar of California offers a  Free CA Employee Rights Publication that spells out just some of your rights as an employee, and answers the following questions:


  1. Are there any limits on what an employer can ask me during a job interview?
  2. Can an employer ask me to take a drug test?
  3. Does my employer need a good reason to discipline or fire me?
  4. Is it illegal for my employer to discriminate against me?
  5. Do employment and labor laws apply to all workers?
  6. What are California’s requirements for wages, overtime pay, breaks and vacation?
  7. Can my employer deduct anything from my paycheck?
  8. Am I entitled to financial assistance if I am injured on the job or become disabled?
  9. Does my employer have to accommodate my disability?
  10. What is sexual harassment?
  11. Am I entitled to time off to care for my new baby or tend to a serious medical condition?
  12. Is there anything I can do about unsafe working conditions?
  13. Can I join a union?
  14. What is unemployment insurance?
  15. Can my employer give me a bad reference?
  16. Are non-compete or arbitration agreements legal in California?
  17. Do I have the right to review my personnel file?
  18. Can I continue my health care benefits after I leave my job?
  19. How can I find a lawyer to represent me?