• 5.0 stars

    Posted by Carl

    Thank You

    Mr. Pray was able to coach me thru the law that was applicable to my situation and helped secure an acceptable resolution.
    He was very thoughtful and kept me informed as time passed as these things can get time consuming and frustrating.


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cherie

    Good lawyer

    I wanted to thank you Frank for all his help with my case. I was so pleased that hewas able to negotiate a settlement to my satisfaction and prevent me from dealing with the stress of going to court. Now that this is resolved I feel I am finally able to put this issue behind me, move forward with my new job and heal from the past. Thank you again for the assistance.


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Great Knowlege base

    Frank was able and willing to take my case. He is very knowledgeable as to how opposing counsel would respond and was proactive with that. Frank won my settlement and helped me avoid a prolonged legal battle and unnecessary out of pocket costs. I think he is very honest. This quality is invaluable when going through any type legal issue with your employer. I give my highest recommendation.


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    More Than Just A Case

    Mr. Pray treated me with respect and patience during a difficult case and time. He is a thorough communicator, and his speed of thought and action is impressive.

    5.0 stars


  • Posted by a Employment client

    Knows employee rights – zeros in on the essentials


    I had a FMLA question that for me was not straight-forward. He was easy to access and when we spoke, he listened carefully, then gave me a specific outline of how to proceed backed up with rationale. He was right on target and saved me much worry and concern. Because he clarified my rights, it gave me the confidence to successfully negotiate…


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    Fantastic lawyer


    Francis Pray and Melissa Newman were a great team who identified the issues surrounding my case, reviewed each thoroughly and executed a plan of action. I would highly recommend retaining their services for any unjustified employment mistreatment. I felt protected and confident that my case would be handled well by them.

“Frank Pray has been recommended to me and this has been a very good experience to work with M. Pray all along. I have found Frank to be very thorough in his search of factual elements, he has listened carefully, noted everything of interests in the case. The assessment of the valuable elements in the case was explained and discussed between us in order to manage to always stay a step ahead of the coming negotiation. Frank anticipates and adapts the negotiation in the interest of his client.

The case was extremely complex involving with high level Executives. There were a lots of factual elements though many were subtle and untold elements that the other party had maliciously or ingeniously covered up. The psychology of the relationship with the other party as well as between the other party and its attorney was critical, Frank has managed very well the relationship with the other party’s attorney. The case has been resolved thanks to Frank’s perseverance and experience to negotiate in a complex environment despite a heavy ego driven context. His ability to propose alternative and creative solutions to blocking points that threatened the course of the negotiation has been critical in the resolution.

I highly recommend Frank for his professional experience and skills, and his genuine personality.”


July 15, 2014, Oregon

“After consulting with Frank Pray I felt confident that he would be the right attorney to address my concerns and provide results. Frank’s attention to the details of my recent situation and the ability mine through those details, allowed for private and confidential separation from my employer. I was very pleased with the result along with the fact that Frank provided me with the guidance and compassion to help me resolve this issue so that I may close the chapter of this book and move on with my life.


“Thank you again.”


June 2014, Mission Viejo, CA

“I was terminated from my job two week after I had filed a grievance against the Director. I was devastated because I thought my job would be protected. After speaking to several attorneys they informed me that I didn’t have a case. I may as well forget about it and try to find another job. But I refused to give up and that’s when I founded Mr. Pray. He actually listened to me about the circumstances surrounding the firing and told me yes I did have a case and a good one.

He immediately set up an appointment for me to come back into his office….so we could start the (very successful I might add) case. He took his time and took notes, help me to understand that what had happen to me was not legal. When things got out of control as far as my stress level…he always remained calm and told me it would be ok. It was. His staff was there for me…keeping me informed…always willing to listen and make recommendations….and for that I would like to thank them for their understanding.

The case settled quickly. Mr. Pray got me more than what I expected…he really fought for me. He also got them to overturn the termination on my record so that I could move on to another job with ease. Thank you Mr. Pray, you’re the BEST. With this being said I highly recommend you for any case.”


February 11, 2014, Lake Forest

“Dear Frank,

Thank you so much for all your help in resolving the matter of pregnancy disability accommodations and return to work approval with my company. I started back to work today and I’m so grateful to have had your help.

I was very overwhelmed, nervous and sad when I first walked into your office. Your kind smile and knowledge of the law and of my situation helped me feel that I was in the best hands to receive the help I needed. I love that you always explained things so well, giving me the confidence and the power to make the best decisions possible. All the communication with my employer was direct, yet honest.

Your heart and passion for business rights shows in your true desire to help each person. And my sweet baby boy even enjoyed sitting in your office. The letter you wrote to my company, in which you mentioned my baby and how precious a new life is was so kind.

Again, thank you so much for your help. You gave me the gift of knowledge and a fair opportunity to have a chance at my job.”



October 17, 2013, Laguna Niguel

“I was asked to resign (or be terminated) my senior management position of 5 years after my boss inquired as to my ‘retirement plans’. My response was that I intended to work for another 3 years and then re-evaluate possible retirement. When I refused to sign away my legal rights in exchange for a meager ‘settlement’, I was unceremoniously fired.

“I was referred to Mr. Pray through a friend at church. Frank immediately understood the circumstances and explained possible approaches and corresponding pros and cons. He advised me through the process of being terminated and then made a demand upon my employer for a more appropriate settlement amount. Within 6 months the matter was settled for significantly more than the initial offer by my employer AND a Letter of Recommendation.

“Mr. Pray and his staff will keep you informed and his communication style with both his clients and opposing counsel is clear, concise and effective! Remember, your employer has attorneys representing them ~ so should you. Frank is simply the BEST of the BEST!”


August 2012, Simi Valley, CA

“I had the pleasure of meeting with Frank Pray after being laid off from my job of 8 years. I had some concerns with my separation agreement and my unemployment. Mr. Pray was able to help me resolve my issue and get some language into my separation agreement that covered me. I highly recommend him.”

July 27, 2012, Laguna Hills

“I sought help from Frank Pray at a very stressful and difficult time in my life. I had been working for the same company for over 10 years without any problems. Then my boss began harassing me, being abusive, and treating me with a great deal of disrespect. This harassing behavior went on for over a year. During this time my boss began asking me to do things I was uncomfortable with. This is when I meet with Frank Pray for help.

“Mr. Pray used his legal knowledge to identify possible violations of my rights as an employee. I then formally complained to my company’s HR department about my bosses’ behavior and Mr. Pray helped guide and counsel me during this difficult process. After I formally complained about my boss, my boss, with the support of the company’s HR department, instead of addressing my complaints, they ignored my complaints and went after me. They placed me on a so called performance improvement plan (PIP), which I believed was a pre-text to simply fire me for complaining.

“I did not want to get fired, but I also did not want to sue my company for wrongful termination, but I was ready to do so if necessary. Instead of a long drawn out legal battle, I wanted to pursue a peaceful and beneficial severance/departure agreement for me and my family, so I asked Mr. Pray to help me. Mr. Pray used his years of skill and legal knowledge to successfully negotiate a severance/departure agreement.

“It is difficult to express my appreciation for Frank Pray. He helped, guided, and counseled me during a very difficult period in my life and he helped resolve my work situation peacefully and positively.

“I urge anyone who is feeling alone and distressed about their work situation to reach out and seek the help of Frank Pray.”


Oct. 4, 2011, Orange County, CA

“I am so lucky to have found Mr Pray through a referral source…
Until I found him, I had come across many attorneys unwilling to even speak to me without a lump sum payment.


Mr Pray fought for me and made sure my story was heard and never gave up.
I was so proud to have my side of the story represented by Mr Pray and having a cash

Settlement was almost secondary to having him stand up and fight for me.

I hope that I will never again be in a situation where I would need his help but given the situation, I will always rely on Mr Pray going forward and would recommend him to anyone who has been wronged by their employer.
Thank you Mr Pray. You really do fight for the little guy.”


August 2011, Los Angeles

“After a traumatic and unexpected termination, I sought a few lawyers and explained my case and distress. These lawyers did not make me feel that I had a good case and I felt like they were not interested in advocating for me. When I contacted Frank pray, he immediately made me feel like he was on my team and he would strongly advocate for me which he did for the next 12 months! He never lost faith and he and his associated continually encouraged and assured me that all would be well. The most important thing I got from them was that they cared about me as a person.

Frank, I appreciate you taking a chance on my case and pulling it off as beautifully as you did. You have a big heart and you are right where you are supposed to be. Greg was quite instrumental in gathering pertinent information and I was thankful that you were both on my team. Feeling vindicated is one of life’s greatest gifts. With your help, I was able to achieve that. My heart is full and I am grateful.”

E. D.

August 5, 2010, Southern California

“I have had a wonderful experience with the Law Offices of Frank Pray. They were able to work with me and my previous employer to reach a mutual agreement in a very timely manner. I would refer anyone. Thank you Greg for all of your hard work!”

December 17, 2009, Lake Forest, CA

“After working long hours to manage a large project and after receiving an exemplary performance review, my employment was unexpectedly terminated for specious reasoning. The same day I was notified of my termination, I had informed my employer that I would need to take time off work again for a recurring health problem. My employer offered a severance agreement, which I sought an attorneys advice regarding. After a brief telephone call with Attorney Pray, we met at his office to discuss the severance agreement, the merits (and pitfalls) of the circumstances surrounding my termination and to establish a game plan moving forward. Attorney Pray’s honesty, knowledge and thoroughness was apparent from the very outset, traits that would serve my case well as it progressed. From the production of an initial demand letter, through negotiations between Attorney Pray and my now former employer’s counsel and ultimately to satisfactory mediation, Attorney Pray was an advocate on my behalf of the highest order. I would recommend Attorney Pray’s services to any employee looking to enforce their rights.”

November 11, 2009, Laguna Niguel, CA

“Frank Pray is a highly-professional, employee rights attorney and offers his clients a long and successful track record of positive outcomes, for those who may have encountered wrongful termination or other employee issues. Mr. Pray works in strong partnership with his clients and keeps them well-informed of the progress of their case and has a keen understanding of employment law.

I also personally appreciated his ethics and strong integrity, his desire to understand all aspects of the situation, and his objective to be well-balanced when suggesting strategy. I would recommend his services to anyone facing employee rights issues.

Thank you, Frank, for having my best interests in mind throughout our working relationship and for your great support.”


March 2, 2009, Irvine, CA

“I was wrongfully terminated by a well known OC firm recently, and just before the termination I had decided to give Frank a call for assessment and advice. From the moment he spoke to me, Frank immediately gave me clarification as to what my rights are and immediate steps to protect myself. Since then Frank has been working tirelessly on the case for a better part of a year. I’ve recently received settlement check and it was done in a very timely manner thanks to you, Frank!

I would highly recommend ANYONE who is on the verge of being fired and suspect wrong doing on the employer’s behalf to call Frank for an immediate assessment. Frank is highly experienced and can build a case from scratch. He is an extremely intelligent individual and he has been very straight forward and honest with me. Most importantly, he kept my interest at heart throughout the process, and looked after my interest at step of the way!
Thanks Frank! Keep up the amazing work, you represent well!”

Feb. 2009

“Frank– I am so grateful that you took my case when others wouldn’t even give me the time of day. I am so pleased with the out come of the severance settlement. With your guidance and professionalism, I made it though a difficult period in my life. I would highly recommend your services to any prospective clients who are looking for and honest, professional and caring attorney.”



January 2009, Westminster, CA

“I was blessed to find Frank Pray to advise me during my difficult separation from my long time employer.

His professionalism and experience were evident throughout our business relationship and I was very pleased with the outcome of my severance.

However, Frank’s wisdom and heart, as a brother in Christ will remain in my mind as his strongest attribute.”


February 15, 2008, Aliso Viejo

“I received my check and paperwork. I wanted to let you know that your hard work and integrity really was helpful to overcome the negative feelings toward another member of your profession. Thank you for working so hard to see justice done. You put in many hours on this case. I wanted to thank you for working so hard given the amount. You sought the best outcome and did whatever was required, without regard to whether the case was big or small. .

I am truly grateful for what you accomplished. The end goal was achieved for me in sending the message that no one person is above the law; even an attorney.”



August 6, 2007, Minnesota

“I found that Frank Pray was very professional and efficient to work with regarding my unjust termination from my previous employer. His willingness to guide me when I was unsure as to how to proceed in my case was extremely beneficial to me.

I would recommend Mr. Pray to anyone who is in need of assistance with regards to employee rights.”


July 3, 2007, Riverside, CA

“I am very pleased to provide an endorsement of the services of Attorney Frank Pray in a matter regarding severing my employment with a long time employer.

He was insightful in his advice, balanced regarding his observations and very helpful in understanding my legal rights as well as the company’s obligations to wards me in this matter.

I appreciated his candor and found him very approachable and available when the need arose. I should add that all of our consultations were by phone and email which saved me time and travel expense meeting face to face regarding the case.
I would not hesitate to refer him to any employee at any level who needs an advocate who understands the law and how to negotiate to get a fair deal out of the necessary confrontation that arises from time to time. As a Vice President of HR with 25 years experience, I can now attest that there is a very good plaintiff attorney in Orange County named Frank Pray.”

Best regards,

T. D-W

June 18, 2007

“I must thank you for your help in dealing with my concerns regarding the severance from the company with which I had been employed for nine and one-half years.

It was quite worth while to ascertain realistic legal rights, expectations, and options in dealing with the severance proposal offered by my employer. I would, and have, recommended to anyone in this situation, to contact an employee rights attorney and in particular Mr. Frank Pray, Attorney.”

Best regards,


May 10, 2007, Santa Fe Springs, CA.

“Thanks so much for your help and support during one of my hardest experiences I’ve had to go through. Thank you for helping me stand up for my rights and see justice prevail.

I really appreciate all your efforts that you put into my case, giving me strength and confidence to never again allow a right violation to go unchallenged.

I truly am grateful for your great help and support and I will recommend your services, to anyone that needs an Employee Rights Attorney.”


January 8, 2007, Irvine, CA

“I have never worked in a company as unbearable as the one I worked for in the past five years. After giving my time, energy and life to this company they let me go without cause or reason. I received a letter that they no longer need my services. In order to let me go, they carried out some very unethical practices. While searching for an Employee/Labor Attorney in the Riverside county area, I was recommended by another attorney to see Frank Pray. Even though his office was in Orange County I made the trip to discuss the issue at hand. He heard my situation and at that moment he told me I had a possible case. Was he ever so right.

Mr. Pray was very understanding, very through, and determined. He got the job done. He was able to get my prior employer to settle out of court. I would recommend him to anyone having employee/labor relations concerns. The best part of all, he was able to justify what my employer did was wrong and at that moment, I felt so vindicated. That’s the best feeling of all.”


January 2, 2007, Riverside, CA

“An unexpected voluntary early retirement offer from my employer put me in a state of shock and anguish. I quickly recognized the offer was a “take it or leave it” proposition and I needed help to deal with apparent pending adverse actions. Highly recommended to me by a large international law firm for his knowledge of employment law, professionalism and competence, I met Frank Pray in his Newport Beach office. He immediately identified how he could protect my employee rights and explained in detail possible outcomes of the strategies he would utilize. He discussed all expected costs and fees and made his first contact with my employer the same day. He maintained continual contact with me through routine phone calls and emails. The end result was an amiable severance settlement appreciably better than the original offer.”
T. E.

December 12, 2009, Orange County

“My mom received your overnight letter yesterday with all enclosed.”

“She and I and my dad are very happy. We are not looking at what we could have got, were looking at what we did get.”

“I want to send a sincere thank you for all your help, diligence and persistence with our case. We are satisfied with the outcome and are grateful as without your services I think the result would have turned out differently. ”

“If anyone I know is need of your services, I will recommend them to you.”

“Once again, from the entire family, thank you.”

(from Steve, a lawyer, who referred his 67 year old mother to this office.)

October 4, 2006,

“I would like to thank you as a satisfied (very satisfied) customer. You are effective and efficient as well as being servant-hearted. Every time I met with you, I was impressed with your knowledge of employment law and the ability to quickly locate and focus on the most important factors influencing my situation. I chose to work with you specifically because, in addition to helping me build my case according to civil law, you also guided me according to spiritual law with Christian precepts as the foundation. I only wanted to proceed with my case if I could also uphold God’s laws while seeking redress from my former employer. You made both possible. Thank you.”
from A Registered Nurse in Covina, CA

November 27, 2006

“I want to thank you for your persistence in reaching a conclusion to my case. My employer refused to acknowledge its responsibility, and held its offers on the low side, delaying for months. You didn’t give up, and pushed for the most we could obtain. You even obtained a letter of reference, and a correction to my personnel file showing a resignation instead of involuntary termination. I was very pleased with your efforts, and gratified that you gave my case full attention even when it seemed the dollars were not there.”

Dec. 1, 2005, Irvine CA

“I just wanted to take this time after our long battle with my former employer to say “Thank you” for the guidance, energy, and steady assurance you brought to our eventual settlement with the Company. You were my trusted consultant and champion during a very low period of my life. I felt that you were very direct and realistic with me, and yet optimistic that we could obtain a good outcome. You made the best of the evidence in our favor, and I was impressed at how you brought the whole truth out in addressing the Company’s distortions and lies.

I felt that you explained the process of litigation to me, and fully prepared me for the way negotiations were likely to proceed. You spent the time and provided the attention my case needed. I was very pleased with the eventual outcome.

Partly as a result of the way you handled my case, I regained my self-esteem and confidence, and today I am fully re-employed in a position that challenges me and encourages my professional growth.

I am truly thankful for all you did for me and will never forget it. I think you are terrific!”


2005, San Clemente CA

“I just had to write to say thank you. You and your team went far above and beyond the call of duty. I will recommend you to everyone that has the same problem. Of the 20+ attorneys I’ve talked to over the last month, you and your team are definitely in a league of your own far exceeding all of them.”
C.P. and G.P.

2003, Huntington Beach

“The new employer (Fortune 500 Company) was very pleased with the way I stated my arguments. I have you to thank for that. Your counsel sharpened my understanding of the negotiation process, and helped me develop realistic expectations. I felt I was successful overall in securing tangible financial results and the intangible reinforcement of my credentials as well. Your professionalism and command of legal issues is absolutely commendable Frank, and I feel entirely comfortable recommending your services to friends and associates.”

Thanks for your help.


2003, Mission Viejo

“You approached our daughter’s problem with clarity and sensitivity. As a single mom with a new born, she felt crushed and helpless after being fired because of her pregnancy. You obtained a prompt settlement for her that restored her confidence and provided us all with a sense that justice was done. We suffered as a family because of her pain, and you seemed to understand our desire to work through this problem as a family. In my years of experience as a legal secretary, I have come to recognize good legal practice. I heard about your firm from two attorneys: my own employer, and another attorney in our building. They recommended you highly, and now I understand why: you met or exceeded our expectations.”

Thank you so much.


2005, Irvine, CA

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you again for the work that you did for me with regard to my employer. I believe your professionalism in dealing with the management was key to obtaining the settlement I received in such a short period of time. I haven’t had a lot of positive experiences with attorneys or the judicial system in the past, so working with you was a real plus for me.

Your sincere compliments regarding my interpersonal skills and professional attitude have certainly help my confidence in establishing myself as an independent consultant.


2003, Orange County, CA