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Member: State Bar of California, SBN 74920, and Member, Labor & Employment Law Section

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Frank Pray, Employment Law Attorney, Orange County California

Current Member and Past Chair -- Orange County Bar Association, Labor and Employment Law Section

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Employment Law Office of Frank Pray, Membership, Inn of Court

Member, The William P. Gray Legion Lex American Inn of Court, Orange County California

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Employment Law Attorney School of Law USD 1977

J.D. and Admission to the Bar, 1977 University of San Diego School of Law, Published Writer, Law Review

Member, California Employment Lawyers Association [“CELA”]

Employee Rights Attorney Frank Pray

Employee Rights Attorney Frank Pray [CA Bar # 74920]


Employment Law Office of Frank Pray

Employee Rights Attorney Frank Pray [CA Bar #74920]

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Employee Rights Attorney Frank Pray offers you the best possible employment law advice and employee rights service:

  1. ACHIEVES RESULTS: Mr. Pray has settled over a thousand cases to the satisfaction of his clients, and obtaining arbitration awards and verdicts in those cases that required additional action. He works with each client to set realistic goals based on client preference and risk tolerance. Together, attorney and client reach an early definition of “success” for the outcome of their particular employment law case.
  1. EXPERIENCED: Mr. Pray has 38 years of experience as a litigator, of which the last 22 have been devoted exclusively to representing employees in wrongful termination, discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, and wage litigation cases.
  1. THOUGHTFUL AND THOROUGH: Mr. Pray covers all the bases, including the three most fundamental: 1) he consistently updates his knowledge of new state and federal law, 2) he pin points specifically how your employment rights have been legally violated, and 3) he works to establish a strong understanding of the employer-employee dynamic in your case, and investigates all relevant facts.
  1. RESEARCH BASED: Mr. Pray is an avid reader and researcher. He follows recent developments in employment law, including recent verdicts and how they may affect future trial verdicts. He finds the case law needed to support your employment claim – wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination to name a limited few.
  1. STRATEGIC: Mr. Pray works closely in partnership with his clients to develop case strategy and theory. Mr. Pray invites his clients to help him assemble supporting facts. Each step of the case requires strategic thinking and Mr. Pray encourages clients to be intelligently involved in the management of their cases.
  1. CONSISTENT UPDATES: Clients are entitled to know the status of their case. Mr. Pray has set in place a system for periodic progress reports to his clients, either in person, by phone, or by email. Clients with litigation matters are able to access remotely the project status of their cases. But systems are only part of the art of communication: Mr. Pray provides simple, direct and honest feedback concerning the strengths and weaknesses of your case at each stage.
  1. ACCOMPLISHED WRITER: Mr. Pray is a published Law Review writer, with decades of experience preparing motions and briefs that get the point across to busy jurists. Mr. Pray is published in local legal circulations, including the “Daily Journal.” His work extends beyond the legal community and includes publication in literary magazines.
  1. STRONG EDUCATION: Mr. Pray graduated in 1977 from the University of San Diego School of Law, accredited by the A.B.A., where he was a distinguished author for the San Diego Law Review. Mr. Pray additionally attended U.C.L.A. Anderson School of Business.
  1. FOCUSED ON YOUR CASE: Mr. Pray is a sole practitioner utilizing support staff and contract attorneys, but who remains the primary attorney on your case. You get the full benefit of personal, expert attention throughout the development of your case.
  1. ENGAGED: Mr. Pray is an active member of the employment lawyers’ community, participating regularly in a local chapter of the California Employment Lawyers Association [CELA]. He was Co-Chair (2010) and the Chair (2011) of the Orange County Bar Association [OCBA] and Employment Law Section, comprised of attorneys representing both employees and employers. He currently serves on several committees of the Labor & Employment section. Mr. Pray belongs to the OCBA Solo Practitioners and “Masters Division” sections. He is a member of the William P. Gray Inn of Court, dedicated to excellence and ethics in the practice of law. He is also a contributing member of an Orange County association of Christian lawyers and Judges, “Daniels Inn.”
  1. ORGANIZED: Mr. Pray uses the latest technology to manage case projects, and track important litigation milestones. This assures matters in your case do not fall through the cracks. Clients in litigation cases are allowed access to view the status of their matters remotely, and to post their questions and comments to the project. The system is protected by secure password technology.